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Specify your next trial to the highest standard with LifeTaq cell lines, scaffolds, and analytical kits. All of our products are chosen specifically for Oli-UP and Oli-CELL products as well as in the automated Oli-MAT environment. Even without these products you may find reagents suitable for your own laboratory.

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Whether you’re working academically or commercially, find high-quality materials especially designed for all the cell lines we offer. Increase your ability to create accurate 3D cell models in vitro with the right supplements.

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Check out all the cell culture materials we provide. We offer different types of scaffolds, media and various other products to accelerate your research.

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Grab LifeTaq's cell cultivation goods. All items were tested thoroughly in combination with every application. No more failure during your cell culture experiments.

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Our high-quality auxiliary products will help you achieve reliable results, fast. Let’s make our lives easier with better materials. Take the first step by filling out the form below.

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